Shud I get a Lunatic or a Tactic

I’m saving up some money for a new yoyo, and i cant decide between the Lunatic or the Tactic. There both undersized, which i like, and they have a big gap, and the reviews for each are good. There the same price but I just can’t freaking decide. I like flat rims, like on the dv888, but I like the colors on the Tactic. I would like your opinion on which yoyo i should get

Alright, well I won’t pick on or the other but… I own a Lunatic and it is one of my 2 daily yo-yos. I think the question you need to ask yourself here is, “Do I like Rounded yo-yos or do I like H-Shaped yo-yos?” The Lunatic is a very stable and solid player, grinds are smooth, the shape is pleasing in the hand, nice snappy binds, the Lunatic can take whatever you throw at it, however I cannot speak for the Tactic, but if you prefer the rounded go for the Tactic, if you prefer H-Shaped then get the Lunatic, either way I doubt you can go wrong.

I think the Tactic is a bit lighter. It’s a great yoyo. I’ve never played a Lunatic.

The Tactic is .1 gram heavier than the Lunatic

I have a Tactic and I love it. I’ve never played the Lunatic but if you decide to go with the Tactic you won’t be dissapointed

How much are you going to spend? If I were you I would just look on the BST and buy a General Yo or CLYW or ILYY for that same price. By the way I really like the Tactic