Tactin vs. Dv888 vs. Frantic vs. Lunatic

Please tell me which one i should i have played with everyone of the yoyos they play really great. Someone help me please i beg of you

Dv888 just because its awsome. They’re all good but just get the dv888.

Does not really help him;
Anywho, I have the Tactic myself. I really like it, its a tradional shape, and it just feels good on the string. to me its a little heavy but heavy in a good way like it is really sturdy! I really like it, and recommend it. I have not tried the others, but if you look at the specs you can tell what you would like. The tactic is smaller, i know the dv888 is also smaller. If this is your first metal, i wouldnt tell you to get the Frantic, you either love it or hate it i heard, and a slightly off throw can make it wobbly, just a heads up. I heard the Lunatic was also very popular.
Hope this helps you!

i would say a lunatic. i own one. it is very small, which is very good if you like under-sized yoyos, and is nicely weighted. the sleep time is around 5 and a half minuetes. this is a nice yoyo. GET IT!

I like the dv888 but does anyone else notice it is not very stable, wish I would have got a skyline :frowning:

only 2 and a half?my hitman can go for 5 mins!

maybe your throw is better than his…
just a my 2 cents

also can you fix your title

tactin is kinda bothering me

get a dv888 or a boss if u have the money for a boss u wont be let down by either

Sigh…Just look at the specs and shapes of them and decide by that. They will all play great; it will just depend on what you personally like.


Quantity No item(s) available
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 67.40
Width (mm) 40.58
Diameter (mm) 50.15
Gap Width (mm) 4.67
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System CBC Pad

I have not tried the others, but my Dv888 just arrived and I love it. Good spin times, quite, smooth and small. Good weighting. The weighting gives it good speed but also makes it so it will sleep well and not tilt easily. Feels right in the hand and on the bind return it makes a satisfying thud when it his your hand. Fantastic yoyo IMHO.

I tried a Lunatic today. If you havn’t purchased one get a Dv888. Its smoother and feels better in the hand in my opinion. They both sleep like hibernating bears though…

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