dv888 or lunatic ?

hey guys iv been wanting a dv888 for a while now but over that time iv become very fond of the v with large rims shape on yoyos and yyf lunatic just came out with that perfict shape that i love but i still want the dv888 i can only afford one sssssoooo…DV888 OR LUNATIC ???

Why have you wanted a DV888? Why do you say you like the distinct H shape with large rims? Have you tried either of these?

yes, i have i tryed a DV888 a while back and have wanted one since but never got around to it and personally love lots of rim weight and h-shapes tend to have the most and i prefer big gaps, wich h-shaps have …soooo …DV888 or LUNATIC ??

Why do you “like” more rim weight? Have you tried anything with this?

WOW yes! i have, it feels good, it fist my personal style, … are you gana help me or just ask more questions ?.. why do you wana know? what do you use?

DV888 OR LUNATIC im gana add a pole but guys let me know what your thoughts are like pros and cons on both

I prefer the DV888, but I haven’t tried the Lunatic, yet.

Both are good yoyos, as you seem to know. Sorry, but we can’t pick a yoyo for you. Go with the one you feel you like more.

I recommend a DV888 because of its smoothe and fast play. It also has a wide gap that makes landing string tricks a lot easier. Another thing, is the DV888 has really tight binds that just give you that satisfaction feeling. To me the design and looks are awesome too… its simplicity is what makes it great. I personally own a Dark Blue, large bearing and MAN they are amazing. Overall I give the DV888 a 10 out of 10. But if you’re still not sure than check out these reviews:



Alright, a few things. The Lunatic is wider than the Dv888, the Lunatic also plays smooth and fast, although it is heavier than the Dv888, and, the links you posted don’t work at all.

I’d say just wing it and pick which ever seems better to YOU.

Edit: I personaly like the Dv888 more, but that’s just me. It does not mean that it’s a better yoyo.