okay, it's between the dv888, and hectic?

alright, the subject says it all, i can’t decide if i want the dv888, or hectic. i like hectics design more, but i’ve heard A LOT of great reviews about dv888. help me out here PLEASE!

DV888 is a beast! Get it.

Also, try out the search button… I’m sure this topic has been covered by everyone and their mom.

No need to make multiple threads, put it into one.
The shape comes into play.
Hectic has funky angular, luchador like shape, and thin, which some people despise. (samad)
and the Dv888 is nice and flatrimmed.
Depends on shape preferance

It’s really ironic you should ask this. Lol another guy posted this same thing today maybe you should take a look at it :wink: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,9374.0.html

Sigh it’s your call not ours…When you post the same thing you’re likely going to get the same answers…

Ok IMO go for Dv888 I won’t say any more. If you don’t like it blame me…

Its the same guy._.
Thats why I said not to post so many threads.

does no one understand irony about irony? I modified it’s better now :stuck_out_tongue:

the dv888 is a great yoyo, some of the smoothest grinds i have ever thrown.

Rofl. Facepalm
I fail, sorry bout that ahha.

First of all I couldn’t find your first post so I’d like to welcome you on this one.
Back on topic, flip a coin. there both rgeat and they’ll play.