Dv888 vs. Hectic

    I was planning on getting the Dv888 then I saw the forum post on the Hectic.  I was wondering if any has tried them both and if you did mention which one you liked better and why.  I was also wondering if any one has seen the hard coated Dv888 (that is on YYN) and if it looked a little green.  It would be nice if you could post pictures.  :)

i did not vote because i did not try the hectic but i can say the dv888 i have is one good yo. my fav.

the DV888 looks a little army-ish with its hard greenish coating

My Hectic is still on it’s way…but I can tell you the DV888 is an amazing play. It’s not my absolute favorite shape, but it’s certainly smooth and the weight distribution is just right.

I voted Dv888 , and I have tried both of them.
I just don’t like how the Hectic feels in play.

why? what feels bad about it?

ps. does the hectic spin long? ???

;DHey I just got 3 new Hectics and 1 DV888. I think the Hectic appeals more to me though, I would say the spin times are about the same but the Hectic has a more solid feel. the weight distribution is noticably different between the two because of the different shapes. They have the same diameter but the Hectic is thinner so it has a nice feel. I love both of these yoyos, so it really comes down to personal preference, I think the Hectic feels more solid and it fits more comfortably in my hand. Sadly :’( I have to sell to of the Hectics I bought so if you decide to get one they are NIB and $15 less than you’ll pay buying from a store.

i have a hectic and tried my friends large bearing dv888 and i think the hectic is just on a whole different story then the dv888. The dv888 is just so… whats the word. Well they have the same spin time about. The dv888 may be less though because if you just leave it there it spins off wierdly. Grinds are about the same but i think that if hectic was butterfly it would be better then dv888. Hectic has better control then the dv888 cause i got into the finals of the massechusets yoyo contest, and i cant do anything that does a lot of moving around like a mcbrides roller coaster (although i can do that on the dv888) So the hectic is better then the dv888 10 to 1

I haven’t played a Dv888, but I just got my Hectic today and have barely been able to put it down. The shape, size, and weight are all fantastic. I expected it to be smooth, but wow, it’s like nothing is there almost. You can tell a lot of work went into this yoyo.

Like always, it comes down to preference. The short answer is go with a Dv888 if you like a butterfly/wing shape or a Hectic if you like an H shape. I seriously doubt that YoYo Factory would put their name on a bad product, so just get what interests you personally. If you truly can’t decide (as I couldn’t once the small bearing version of the Dv888 was announced), just go with whichever one would provide a greater play variety with your current collection.

i would go with the hectic cause i like the way it feels but the dv888 is good to


Anyways, I actually like both quite a lot now.

It really depends what your prefrences are.

um my friend has a dv888 and my bro has a small bering hectic splash to be honest i like the hectic just because its smoother and its feels really good in the hand and when im playing it just feels smooth and it looks smooth the dv888 is not as smooth as da hectic in my opinion but my friend is in love with it its plays really well but i like the hectic. but majority of the people that hav used both like the dv888 so go with what u want.