what do you prefer

what do you prefer ??? yoyofactory hectic or dv888

Dv888 by far.



The Dv888, it just feels more friendly in your hand.

DV888 all the way!!!


In my opinion, the shape on the Hectic is disgusting.

DV888 by far a solid player


…and a cookie


Hectic by far. (small bearing ftw)

I couldn’t see the hectic being able to outperform the DV888 in any way. The shape really turns me off, and I heard the weight distrubution is pretty center-heavy, making it more prone to spinouts. If you’re trying to decide between purchasing either, go with the DV888. Read my review on the DV888 if that helps ;D

Have you played one?

No, I haven’t gotten to play one yet, which is why I tried to refrain from asserting my inferences and opinions as “fact.” I just thought that using my previous conceptions of weight distribution and spin dynamics, the Hectic looked like it would fall short in alot of ways. I don’t know, since I haven’t played one before (I’d definitely need to find a way to try it before I buy it), so admittedly I am biased toward the DV888 in this case, but in either case I believe that it is more appealing to a wider range of players, so it wasn’t simply a blind reccomendation (I always do my homework first ;))