SB Hectic or SB Dv888?

I had pretty much decided on a small bearing Hectic as my first metal yoyo. I felt that it’s smaller size and small bearing would give me a good play variety with my Legacy. Now, however, the Dv888 is available in a small bearing. How do these two yoyos compare and what would be a good choice for me as a first metal?

Either one will play great. if you want a wide profile and flat rims go with the dv888. If you want a nice pocket metal with a slight h shape, go with the hectic. both have the exact same diameter

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The Hectic has a more solid feel than the Dv888. The Hectic has the same values/changes as the G5. Comes up sharp, and rounds out. It is well balanced, like the Frantic, and has great play at an amazing price. Even if you throw bad, it will most likely stay centered. The Dv888, is undersized, smaller than the eight8eight, spins just as long, and is pretty cool with its wide gap. But, I’ve seen videos on this, if you throw bad with a Dv888, it will mose likely wobble/shake/tilt worse than the Hectic.

Go with the Hectic, more stable, solid player.

Neither get a Freantic! ;D

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Preference. The Hectic is not exactly more solid. In fact, I feel it has a more floaty and light feel during play. In my opinion, the Dv888 beats it in every aspect.

Really, it all comes down to shape. The Dv888 is wide and has flat rims. The hectic has an angled, almost H-Shape, figure and is slimmer. This all comes down to personal preference, which do you like best?

Personally, If your looking for a different feel from your Legacy, I would think that the Hectic may better suit you. The shape of the Dv888 is almost like an undersized Legacy. The Dv888 and Legacy by no means have the same “Feel”, but their shape is similar.

I hope this helps you, and great choice by choosing a small bearing! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Looking at the pics of the Dv888 side-by-side with my Legacy, the gap profile and overall shape are very similar. I’ve heard so many great things about the Fundametal line, it makes this decision difficult, but I’m certain that they’re all fine yoyos. I’m leaning towards the Hectic at this point for the sake of variety, but now I have to decide on the color.

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Preference. The Hectic is not exactly more solid. In fact, I feel it has a more floaty and light feel during play. In my opinion, the Dv888 beats it in every aspect.

I have a Large Bearing hectic and have tried a large bearing dv888. When you try to do long complicated string tricks, 7/10 times you can’t do them. Believe me, ive been to the worlds and i cant even do a plan D on the dv888 without wobble

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If you can’t do Plan D on the Dv888 without wobble, it is probably one of two things:

-You’re technique stinks.
-You played a horrible Dv888

I think its the first one, because the Dv888 is a wonderful yoyo. You need to just practice.

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Wasn’t he asking about the small bearing and not the large bearing? Also, that problem you have is probably what Samad said, either the first or the second one.

I like the hectic over the dv888. I jest think its more smooth and stable. I have a small bering hectic and i like it alot. it plays great. i have never used a small bering dv888 but the large bering is good but again its not stable enough for me. Its a great yoyo, but i like the hectic more!