Should I get a DV888 or Hectic?

Ok I decided to buy a large bearing DV888 or Hectic.

And please don’t say its all about preference I actually want to know how it plays/performance.

I personally like the Hectic.

The main thing is the shape, which do you like better (And there is Splash Hectics!!!)

Preference, here. In my opinion, the Hectic has a more “solid” feel than the Dv888. The Dv888 is oversized, all metal, and feels hollow. The Hectic is small, is all metal, and has a more solid feel. Almost “heavier.” They both come in large bearing, and small bearing. The green small bearing Dv888 is striking, and would be cool for St. Patricks Day. ;D And the large bearing (I think) purple is cool also. The small bearing Hectic comes in a cool splash, and just stocked! The large bearings are cool also, and has the 2 different colors. Small bearings have smaller gaps and easier to land tricks. More steady too, easier on a Snap Start. The large bearings, are allowing more string layers for more responsiveness. Each are good to me, bu for 2 reasons, I would go with the small bearing Hectic. 1: Cooler design. 2: More steady and well-balanced.

Hope you like your choice! :wink:

Stop saying the DV888 is oversized to every person who wants to buy one. IT IS NOT OVERSIZED. Its smaller then the 888, look at the Specs before you feed people lies.

samads right.

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Fixed. Sorry, Samad. I just see videos on Youtube and it fits pretty big in their hand. I don’t exactly… look at the specs. Sorry. :-X

Thank you, my face about exploded reading his post.

I prefer the dv888 over the hectic, the hectic is to bold in the rims and just doesnt roll off my hand in the right way its hard to explain

Like, the sharp end of the rims slow it down and it goes in between you fingers?

I have, and LOVE THE DV888!!! ;D