hectic or dv888

alright, i’ve looked at about a hundred reviews on the hectic and the dv888. BUT i still can’t decide which one to get. I like the looks of the hectic and the shape but under “view product” to see a side view there is none given. The dv888 has that rounded profile and i’m not sure if i really like that. too sleek. i want something a bit more edgy. Then again, every review i’ve read is saying how great the dv888 is. so now here i am. i need some help… some wisdom… any suggestions?

What your saying is you want a yoyo, and you are thinking about picking one that everyone else likes? if you think the hectic fits your taste get it. I’ve pm’d you with a side view

thanks man. i think the hectic is sweet… BUT. ha would you happen to know of where i could get a black with red splash?

correct me if im wrong but… i am sure the dv888 isnt round. could you perhaps meanthe 888?

Dv888 is not round shape it is flat rim. I have one and it is AMAZING!!! Get it you won’t be disapointed.

Use the search button!!! :wink:

IMO I think the Hectic is for looks kind of, and the Dv888 is for play and awesomeness… But thats just me… Get what you want you probably wont be disappointed either way but you may look back and go… Maybe that other one was right for me…

great… now i’m even more torn between the two… ha thanks for your guys’ help though :’(

IF youve narrrowed it down, flip a coin or something. Both are great throws so you can’t go wrong.

ha well thanks for the help. but not to dissapoint, i think i’m going to get the BOSS. :smiley: haha

This is really the only store I look in. But I asked about the Dv888 and someone told me it isn’t in production anymore. If you guys know of a store with them let me know. I really had my heart set on a Black Dv888 with the green splash.

As of today I own both the DV888 and the SB Hectic. I think the Hectic is the smoothest yoyo I have ever thrown to date. I’ve thrown over 100 different kinds of yoyo’s and this one is smooooth.

I don’t really care what you get because they are both great.

IMO, Dv888.

(“Buy/Dream the thing you need, not what you want”, Ne-yo)

thanks for all your guys’ help.
but, i’m going to go with the BOSS