Lunatic or DV888?

hi,what’s up ! ;D
so,i need you to tell me which yoyo to choose.
the shape doesn’t matter and weight color…
i just need to know only from who tried those 2 yoyos…
which got better shape for spining time,i don’t mind the shape in doing some tricks,all good for me

I own a Dv888, and 3 of my friends own a Lunatic so I have tried both many times. For me they have a similar feel and sound when spinning. The Lunatic is slightly small, and for me moves a little slower. The H-shape on the Lunatic and the V-shape on the Dv888 are both comfortable on in the hand. In my opinion they are equally stables, the main different is play is that the Lunatic feels more sluggish while the Dv888 goes as fast or as slow as you want. The Lunatic does have a little more power behind its movements, which you might like if your not moving it fast. Both have big gaps.

Now for sleep time!

Dv888 with centertrac-4-5
Lunatic with konkave-3-4

The Dv888 has a good minute over the Lunatic. They both have good rim-weight, but it seems as if the Dv888 shape my be more aerodynamic. That is all.

Thanks for the information,it was helpful and it still helpful ;D
i will wait a little more,so i’d get more information. :wink:
anyway I’m buying the yoyo after 3-4 days :stuck_out_tongue:

i have 1 question to you.
which bearing is better for dv888 spec or central trac?

I think they are both the same! :slight_smile:

i need more information please ! ;D
i will buy 1 of them after 2 days !!! :o

No… One is concaved and one is flat ._.
I like the Dv888 personally. It has flat rims, epic spin times, and is smooth.

This is insufficient data. If you put a concave in a lunatic and a centertrac in a dv888… one bearing may spin longer, so thats wrong.