Which is better

Please help


I’m gonna say this again, it’s preference and your giving your’s which isnt helping him much…

This is not a review. Please post in the correct section.

Listen to Zer0. There is no “One size fits all” yoyo. Please realize that, and ask what you do most with a yoyo.

They are both phenomenal, you won’t regret either.

You’ll have to repeat it for a long time to come.

Adogaus, which one looks better to you?

The lunatic looks better but im not looking for look im lokking for play

i lik teh cahotic cuz t has kewlr colur then teh oter 1 and te lunertec suks sooo mukh!!!

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Chaotic. Some say it’s WAY to vibey. Lunatic has gotten pretty good reviews, but people say you need to get used to the shape. As to which one looks cooler, it’s Chaotic. The Lunatic plays better and w/ spash (birdinhand.com) even looks better. Chaotic is new, so wait to see some more reviews before making a decision.

please type normally, Pick the one that looks better to you

Lol he’s just messing around. It’s Evan, he’s been here before.

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k ;D yah and forgot to say: if you don’t give us preferences all we can say is Pick the one that looks better to you

Its just play about the same to me.
Except the chaotic has a wierd shape, they are fine (for the shape part, its not that big deal to me because i get used to the virus, they quite has the resembence in shape).
Nice yoyos.
You wont go wrong with both.

On the plus side, the chaotic comes with center track (well, i consider its a plus), but its plat stable enough with flats.