Chaotic or Tactic

Ok. Im not sure which yoyo i should get yyf tactic or yyf/turning point chaotic. Which should I get?

[shadow=red,left]PLEASE HEL[/shadow]P

if you answer these questions than i can help you better.

What size do you prefer? big/small/medium
what shape do you prefer? round butterfly, flat rimm butterfly, H-shape butterfly, etc, etc.
what weight do you prefer? Heavy, light, medium
Does color matter?
what response system do you prefer? O-ring, silicon, friction sticker, etc, etc.
what tricks do you like to do? fast, smooth, grinds, slacks, etc, etc.
do you like floaty yoyos?

well i like the chaotics shape more id go with that it fits my preference but idk about yours

I’m guessing they are both great yoyo so go with your first instint and your gut

Get the Tactic.


Read this:

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i have read that, and it clearly stated, that if you have smaller hands, it will work better for you, that was a preference bassed review.    (no offense to the person who wrote that that review)

He said “try before buy”. Unless yoyotig3r can try the Chaotic, he won’t know if it will be uncomfortable.
With the Tactic you don’t have to worry about those problems.
But that’s just my opinion.

well some people might not like the shape of the Tactic. We won’t know what’s the best yoyo for him until he answers the preferences. Tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc

Medium&big,Hshape butterfly,heavy,no,idk,all,idk

Well the chaotic fits your shape preference, but the tactic fits your weight better.
and the chaotic and tactic are about the same weight, tactic being heavier.