Yoyojam New Breed Review


YYE Specs:
Diameter: 55.88 mm / 2.20"
Width: 43.94 mm / 1.73"
Response System: YYJ Silicone O-Ring
Compatible with CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

First Impression:
Cool yoyo, looks like it can sleep long, it has a hug gap so im sure it can land the string easy, I should give it a try,

[b]Performance: 8/10
Ok, I wont lie. It plays almost as good as the Northstar. Better than a DV888, and almost as good as a Yuuksta. This yoyo has the signature yoyojam vibration to it, but it can be simply removed by putting your finger in the middle. This yoyo is awesome for 1a, it can handle probably ANY combo. Awesome for grinds. With caps finger grinds wont be as long, but without caps, it can grind for quite awhile if you good at it. Without the metal rims on this yoyo, it would probably spin for about 30 or so seconds. First throw out of the box was 1. 06 minutes. Suprising cause I thought it would spin longer…

Looks: 10/10
I would have to say there amazing. Thats all.


  • Metal Rims
  • Large Gap
  • Real smooth
  • Sometimes the caps are real hard to remove even with a suction cup.

If you want a fairly good priced yoyo with metal rims this is definitely what you should get. You wont be disappointed with how well it plays for the price.


1.06 SECONDS??? :wink:


Spin time doesn’t count. It just depends on the player.


To a degree it also depends on the yoyo.


lol, i meant minutes haha everyone has typos now and then :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty good review. You could have gone a little more in depth, but still good. Also, I love me New Breed, too. :slight_smile: