YoyoJam: New Breed.

Ok so I read the review of the New Breed that was on here a while back and I said that they sounded really tempting to me. I then proceeded to watch a video with the new breed in use and my jaw just dropped, I had to get one lol Now, after having my Black New Breed for a week, I am pleased to share my thoughts on this wonderful yoyo!

Product Specs
Diameter: 2.2 inches
Width: 1.73 inches
Response: YYJ Silicone
Weight: 68 grams

First Impressions: Wow…this thing is WIDE!!! I thought my Hitman was wide…now I look at that and theres a 3 mm difference! But on the throw this thing was seriously like skis on snow…it was like there was nothing on my string, kinda crazy, with the hitman you could definately tell there was something there but with this there is just like an emptiness when you throw it and do your first trapeze. I never really liked bigger yoyos, but now that I play with this one, Im really beginnning to like them quite well!

Looks: I really like the celcon in the middle, it just looks so dang cool with the aluminum rims. My hitman is like shiny but the celcon is kinda dull which I like better because when the rims tarnish it doesnt look as bad lol The mirror caps are just AMAZING Ive never had a yoyo with them before and I really like them because there soo cool to play with in the sun
“You got a light in there or something?” -my Grandpa :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel: I really like the rounded shape of this yoyo. I always thought I would hate it because I never really liked wider yoyos, but this one just feels great in the hand and even better on the throw! Since its so wide and big its easy to land on the string

Final thoughts: This is one great yoyo! Its fun to play with, but the only downside that its kinda hard to fit into your pocket since its so wide lol

I highly recommend one!


Hybrid Hitman, New Breed, Speedmaker

PS: I threw some pics with my mighty flea in there lol Ill be writing a review on it in a week!


Wow! That’s a STUNNING review! Very good! ;D

Awesome Review! Glad you liked it! ;D

I’m Tempted to get one…
Awesome Review!

Nice reveiw… I didn’t lie in mine did I!.. Its a nice yoyo… Right now its my prefered throw…

Wow its big.

Awesome review! Man it looks big :o