Thoughts on New Breed

was wondering if the new breed was a nice yoyo. (was thinking about this or the x-con pro.) Is this yoyo good in your opinion and wats its cons.(btw i know it doesnt fit in your pocket :D)

I don’t have the New Breed, so I can’t really recommend it or tell you it’s pros and cons, but I would probably get a newer YYJ rather than the New Breed. There are so many newer yo’s of that type and/or price range. There are pretty good metals, such as the DV888, Di Base, and the fundaMetal series. There are also newer metal rimmed yoyos such as the Fever, Hitman Pro, X-Con Pro, and stuff from YYF too, such as the Protostar, Northstar, Counter-Attack, or you could get the Speed Dial.

This may not matter to you but the New Breed is the most attractive yoyo i have ever seen. No kidding

I have a New Breed (2009 World Edition ;D), and I think its a GREAT Bi-Metal.
I don’t have an X-Con Pro, but I do have a bit of YYJs. I like Full sizes (54mm-57mm ) so this came to my liking. Even though is a big throw, its quite floaty. The Celcon makes the body very durable and combining it to its rims makes it great for Grinds.
With the money you save you can by a Dif Konkave to bring you play a to a new level, but you don’t have to, it’s great sock,( I use mine stock)
To be Honest, I use it more than my 888x AND Yuuksta.

I have both. The New Breed is a great yoyo. The XCon is also a great throw.

The major difference besides the obvious shape difference is the size. The New Breed is a larger yoyo like the Dark Magic - whereas the XCon Pro is a bit smaller. So it comes down to your preferences.

Whichever you buy - you will not be disappointed.

I like the new breed but it feels a little too floaty to me I prefer the the x-con pro and hitman pro both all three yoyos are great and I would defineately recommend them to anyone.

It’s big and it feels light. It’s not very rim-weighted so it is very sensitive to control. If I can describe it in any way I’d say that it glides more than it drops.

Also, it is a beast at grinds. It can grind as well as, if not better than many of the metals.

new breed is my favorite yyj, hands down

I have the new breed and personaly, I don’t like it too much. It is a little too big for me, and has too much float. In my experience (could just be a sloppy throw, or technique) it hasn’t been very stable. I don’t really like it for grinds either, I like the way the yyf whip grinds better. This is just my opinion though. Other people completely love the new breed, but it just isn’t a throw that I like.

thanks u everyone helped me a lot :smiley: