Yoyojam New Breed

First Impressions:

When i got my yyj new breed i was really impressed, nice and unressponsive played really smooth, and great feel. I kepted playing with it and nothing went wrong. It is still playing nice and unressponsive. It is good for slack,lacerations and suicides. I dont really whip. And it is not bad for grinding

Yoyo Info:

Weight-68 grams
Diameter-2.2 inches
Width-1.73 inches
Response- silicone o-ring

Other Stuff.

This yoyo is part of Eric Koloski’s signature seris and is a great by for 45 bucks! Get this yoyo if yo…:1 like unressponsive play.2 you like a fairly big yoyo. And 3 get it if your an advanced player (thats what i suggest).Compared to an Dark Magic: They are pretty much the same, just whatever you like better.Compared to an X-Con: I would like the New Breed over the X-Con beacause the X-Con is smaller, i like fairly big yoyos.

Closing Thoughts:

Great yoyo all around, pick one up if you can.

Thanks. Sorry No Pics.

How do you upload pics?? Please tell. Thanks

I have a New Breed, and love it.

I think its better than Dark Magic.


i have the same color, i like the black editon the best

good review, i really like how you said like you should get this if 1,2,3 so that way the yoyoer is able to tell if it could fit them. I still think a few more things could be covered though like how it feels, response system, bearing, spin time ect

I just made this to show how you upload pics

I just got one last week (first edition yellow) and couldn’t believe how smooth it was. The gap is much better than my DM(hybrid response was great when I couldn’t bind, but now I hate it). I think the NB takes what was great about the DM and improves upon its flaws. It feels awesome in your hand and plays very solid.
FWIW, when I did the first string change I noticed it came with only one silicone ring, i called a2z and they said some of he others came that way too. Luckily I bought 2 when I bought the yo so I could replace the o-ring in my DM with a sili ring (works awesome btw also added red spacers) plays more like the NB now.