I have 40. Im looking at either a dm or a new breed. Ive heard nothing but good things from both of them. Right now im throwing a lyn so im just looking for an upgrade… I am not looking to mod, but i may…idk yet. please halp me!

I suggest the New Breed if you are looking for newer, more modern play.

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But really, I reccomend the hitman because it will be a little closer to your lyn in shape and size…

first of ally your title isnt very… uh good? I dont know how to explain it but we cant take you seriosly if you type somethin like “HALP AH NED HALP FO MAH YO YO”
Anyways there both great yoyo’s ive heard. though i’ve only had a dark magic. some people call a new breed a “fat magic” but the dark magic is pretty large itself. I can assure you that whatever you choose you will be pleased. im sorry this wasn’t too helpful.

Hm, I am having this trouble because after reading tons of Dm reviews i went on chat and asked people about it. They kept saying that it was too responsive, but in the reviews i hear it is unresponsive with tight binds. I am probably gonna put silicon in it if i get the Dm.

ugh…buying new yoyos is hard…

i reccommend a new breed because it is round and has silicone already in it

they were probabley taliking about it being responsive out of the box. Dont worry its unresponsive. sometimes people are lazy and pick it out of the box throw it and tug it back (due to not breaking it in) and mark it as responsive and bad. if you were to buy it and it tugged back dont worry. if you continue to play for a few days it will go unresponsive.

Hm, well then i may just go with the Dm. Pick up some silicone and im ready to rock!

When I got my DM and broke it in I fell in love… It was sooo awesome… After I got better at yoyoing I grew to hate it… I like it now. I find that if you used some shims, and silicone the o-ring side its unresponsive and gives very good binds, and plays very well

Stock out of the box, I would go with the New Breed. Most likely even modding my Dark Magic to my preferences, I would still get the New Breed, haha.

Me, I would go with a Dark Magic, because they are amazingly smoothe! They actually are unresponsive but you can always go get some thick lube to make it more responsive if you want. Also the dark magic has a really wide gap, and that will make it easier to land string tricks. Yes, they have tight binds too! Although, the dark magic won’t be good with thumb grinds because the caps are in the way. What I did with mine was I got a suction cup, stuck it to the cap and pulled it right out. So I play with one cap in and one out. Overall I give the Dark Magic a 9/10. Good Luck Picking Your Yoyo!!

The Dark Magic doesn’t have as wide of a gap as the New Breed, The Dark magic has more hype than a New Breed because it was out longer. but by far the new Breed is way better thana Dark Magic, it has a wide fixed gap so no shims needed. And it comes silicone stock, stock you don’t need to silicone it any time soon, dual silicone beats starburst and silicone. and it is smoother than a dark magic.