Just a Quick Question

So I’m finally going to get a yoyo thats a little more on the advanced side, and I was wondering, which would be better, the Dark Magic or the New Breed?

None is better.

If you know how to bind, New Breed, if you don’t have a good bind down, Dark Magic.

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like gm user said.
but since you have not ad many good yoyos you will not have much preference.
my opinion is you just stare at them for a while and try to find the one that looks cooler to you.
you will not go wrong with either yoyo.
if you cant decide which you want more just randomly pick. if you do not like it just trade or sell it.
hope it works out for you

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eh…i have an okay bind. i really dont have that great of a yoyo to practice binds on, mine all suck -_-

I totally agree with gm user but I like new breed better

lol thanks jack, il definitely try that one out

Actually, you will need to know how to bind for both. Both will come unresponsive. :wink:

The question is, do you want a larger gap, or a smaller gap? Also, what kind of response system do you like?

I personally like the New Breed better, but they are great yoyos.

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well i was kinda bad at binding when i got my dm. i put a kk in it and really had no choice but learn how to bind better. i kinda got better but was still pretty bad, then i got a dv888 and it has a monster gap. i just took a day on practicing binding in between tricks and now i can bind just fine.
i think it is good to get a yoyo that forces you to bind because it was a lot easier to learn when i had to. i am sure if you get the new breed you will learn to bind better.
and that is why i think just choose the one that gets your attention more, everything else will come with practice and time. :wink:

edit: dang i was writing this and was beat by three people

you see, im still a bit of a noob with that.
whats the difference with a bigger gap and a smaller gap, besides catching on the string?

Well, the smaller gap makes it easier to bind. Also, if you have a few yoyos that you can practice binding with, then I would recommend the New Breed.

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I would say New Breed.

and what about the response systems? whats the difference between the two?
i know that dark magic is a hybrid, but idk the significance of these things…

That’s why I said “If you don’t have a good bind down”

The New Breed has a silicone response system which gives tighter binds. The some people claim the hybrid response to be more unresponsive. But you really can’t notice it. Personally I like the silicone response better.

ahhh, i see.
cool, thanks guys, seeing as most people recommend the New Breed, i think i’ll go with that one :slight_smile:

I hope you like it. :wink:

good choice and i hope you enjoy it ;D

Ace! Your geting a new breed? I wanted one!

P.S I know him! I’m the one who got him back to yoyo!

You will love it! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

i was debating about the same thing u r go with the dark magic thats what i have i like an have had no problems with it its easy to bind with an sleeps for a long time