Dark Magic or New Breed

I’m wanting to get a new yoyo and im thinkig of getting a dark magic but i saw the new breed and im wondering if its better

Dark Magic = Great
New Breed = Awesome

so which is better

New Breed is WAY better IMO.

To put it bluntly, both of them are great. However, here’s a bit of info about both of them:
Dark Magic:
~Heavy: rim-weighted, but a bit more weight placed to the center than other YYJ Metal-Plastic yo-yos
~Starburst-O-ring Hybrid response: many people agree that this is too snaggy and overall more responsive than other response systems such as silicone
~ 2 rims for thumb grinds: Andre’s specialty

New Breed
~Heavy, but the weight is evenly distributed. This makes if feel floaty despite the weight
~One of the largest gaps on a yo-yo
~YYJ Silicone pad response: Can be replaced by flowable silicone or other similar pad response

If I were you, I would go with the New Breed, but the Dark Magic is my main throw.

I would go with the new breed as well. I have tried both and the new breed feels great and I like the response wayyyyy more.

I’m a HUGE DM fan i would recommend a new breed over it.

New Breed if you didn’t get the message

new breed dude !!!