What are the key differences between the New Breed and the Dark Magic?

They look very similar to me, could someone state some key differences for me in state of play?

Luckily, I have played both.

The New Breed has silicon in the grooves on both sides. The Dark Magic has starbust and an o-ring.
With that being said, It does feel different when binding and throwing. The Dark Magic is also more responsive from what I remember of throwing my friends Dark Magic.

The New Breed is actually lighter than the Dark Magic.
NB=68gm  DM=71gm

The New Breed is wider as well. And the edges of the New Breed are sharper while the ones on the Dark Magic are more rounded (thats the only thing I dislike about my New Breed)

From the trusty site that is called yoyoguy.com, here is the comparison.

I got the charts from here:

It also has pics and other specs that I didn’t mention.
(the ones that are highlighted are different.)

Looks the same, but plays differently.

Hope it helps :wink: