dark magic and new breed

Hi everyone,I need a new yoyo but i dont know which one to which is between dark magic new breed and a X-convict. Here are my specification

1)i need a stable one that can sleep for 2 min.

2)That can do tricks without dieing fast

3)Yoyo that can grind

4)the yoyo that feels like it’s worth $40

They all fit. You have to come up with something else for us to narrow it down.


a heavy yoyo, unresponsive out of the box a good gap not to small not to big

Based on that I would probably say DM. The New Breed has a rather large gap, it is wider than the DM.

Then I say New Breed. The Dark Magic and X-ConVict both need some shimming if you want a wider gap. The New Breed comes stock with a huge gap. And the New Breed is the opnly one that is guaranteed to come unresponsive.


Out of all of them, the dark magic is the heaviest, while the X-ConVict is the lightest. But they’re all still really heavy at 67+ grams.

The X-ConVict has the smallest gap of them, while the New Breed has an widest gap.

All of them should come unresponsive out of the box. It usually depends on how much lube was applied on the bearings during the production. Just buy some thin lube just in case.

Try to give some more info on what you want. Stuff like what shape for a yo-yo, what kind of tricks you like to do, and response you like. That’ll help us help you with your decision. :wink:

i am going to narrow it down to DM and NB

but i have to know which sleeps longer the DM or the NB

Don’t ask that question. Just don’t. If you feel the need to get a yoyo that sleeps longer than another just because it does, you should practice your throw instead. Both of these yoyos should be able to take all your tricks if your throw is good enough.

it’s not the throw i have a legacy but i just fell like getting the DM

Then why did you ask about sleep time?

because i heared the new breed doesnt sleepthat long but i just wanted to see

Heard where? I’ve read nothing but sterling reviews! Anyway, they both sleep plenty long. If you want an adjustable gap, get the DM. If you prefer a fixed gap, get the New Breed. If you like the response in your legacy, get the New Breed.

Sleep times depend all on your throw, it is different for every person. Some people can make a New Breed sleep longer than a DM, and some can make a DM sleep longer than a New Breed. The New Breed sleeps perfectly fine, and sleeps long. Where the heck did you hear it didn’t sleep long? Either you misunderstood, or that person doesn’t know how to throw a yo-yo.

OK SINCE i have a legacy and i like the silicone play i will get the new breed

thanks a lot everyone for helping and i really apearciate you guys for helping

I would get the New Breed…silicone response pads and a smooth bearing. i love the body, especially the celcon texture (smmoooooth grinds) and the gienormous gap is good for lots of layers of string. I love my new breed, its one of yyj’s best yoyos ;D

dark magic

Have you even tried New Breed?

I reccomend the New Breed anyways.

i would say the DM because you can mod it easier than the New Breed

Did he say he was going to mod it?

Besides, he is already going to get a New Breed.