dark magic and new breed

If your depending on sleep time,(Which you shouldn’t,) I would get the new breed. My friend got 8 min.

i got the new breed and i got 5 minutes on the sleep time

PS i hate moding yoyo’s

sounds like you need the New Breed. Its unresponsive, wider gap for better string play. I don’t know how it grinds but probably similar to the DM…

I’ve changed me mind. Legacy ftw.

Dark magic because its feels like its a hundred dollar yoyo my second yo yo i wanted a new breed so i got it and its ok but its the most unresponsive thing on the planet sometime you have to bind several times for it to return

dark magic definantly

I love my dm absolutely love it! I just got it today and it’s fabulous. The hybrid response means that after a little while of wear it binds perfectly and has a nice gap for landing tricks and it’s just the right weight. When you hold it sideways it feels like the heavy yoyo that I thought it would be but it plays like a much lighter yoyo while retaining some heft. Over all 9.9 out of 10! ;D