X-conVict or Dark Magic

Ok so I have decided to get a Metal/Plastic mix and have narrowed it down to these guys. Here are some things to help you out on what would be best for me.

Size: I have pretty small hands so not too big i really like the legacy size

Response: I can deal with the Hybrid but not too much of a fan

Shape: Butterfly or H-Shape

Weight: Near the Legacy not too heavy or to light

Color: Doesn’t matter

Type of tricks: A little bit of everything

I hope this helps just tell me if you need more preferences. Thanks ;D

The X-Convict would be a good choice.

But I would actually recommend a New Breed or an Atmosphere.

Well the DM is a great yoyo, but the X-ConVict double silicone and two thick shims is one of my FAV yoyos. For your preferences the X-ConVict would be the better choice, but out of the YoYoJam half metal half plastics, the newbreed fits your preferences way better.

I have an Atmosphere and I love it so I’m betting Newbreed is very similar, just bigger. so I would have to agree

Thanks for the help guys but i tries out the X-Con today and the Dark Magic and have decided to get the X-ConVict