X-ConVict, Pros and Cons?

Ok, I’m thinking of picking up an X-con and I would love to know some pros and cons about it. I like the look of it and the size is right there for me, I’m just looking for another’s opinion on it.

It’s a great yoyo. If it fits your preferences, it’ll be a good choice.

well, the x-con is a good yoyo, but i have to reccomand a new breed, but the x-con is nice for grinds, it’s small, and sleeps pretty good, not as long as a dm but still pretty good.

Thanks guys, but I decided to be a good Dad and get both of my kids new throws instead. I will keep this in mind for next time I order though.

What did you get them?

I wish my parents yoyoed and bought me yoyos. Anyway, definatly get the xcon, I’ve only heard good things.

I picked up a Flying Squirrel for my youngest and a Kick Side for my oldest. They will be stoked when they get them, it will be a surprise for being good lately.

I would be stoked too.

Ahhh how sweet. Ha.

M², why do you say a Dark Magic will sleep longer than an X-ConVict?

it just seems that it does, and by that i mean if you threw it at the exact same strenght it would sleep longer, but i’m not 100% sure of this

My X-conVict could destroy my DM in a sleep study. And It’s even my responsive yoyo.
But then again, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter how long it sleeps, as long as you can get threw a trick.

i find excessive sleep time good for practicing and performing.