X ConVict Pro..... Pros & Cons

I’m looking to buy this yoyo it looks super cool. I heard is good at grinds. Give me the good and bad about this yoyo. It’s stability, spin time with speed bearing, how it grinds, it’s shape, and it’s durability. Thanks

Con: This yoyo won’t tolerate bad throws. Throw it right or suffer.
Pro: You learn to throw better.

Not that great, but can do them, at least finger, palm and arm grinds. IRGs and thumb grinds, not so much.

Size: It’s an undersized.

Durability: Works fine, taken plenty of abuse and has been fine.

When thrown properly, it’s extremely smooth and stable. When thrown wrong, it will make you regret it by being unstable and wobbly. Spin times on a good throw are fantastic, but being an undersized, it won’t be as long as the same bearing in a larger and heavier yoyo.

Excellent pocket yoyo, good competitor. Nearly all catch zone due to the shape.

I enjoy this yoyo. After I figured out it makes me improve my throw, I really began playing it a lot.

Thank you and I really don’t care about thumb grinds that’s what dark magic is for and my throws are nearly perfect 9/10 times I throw yoyos thanks!! And plus ill get a Dif e yo KonKave bearing in it so thanks again