Hey, Anyone Know About Their Yoyo Talk (New Breed??? mainly)

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Hi Guys Just Looking for some advice here

is the new breeds fixed gap a good thing or not?

is it a very good yoyo, like would you reccomend to people as their second yoyo

I kinda want something with double o-ring

my mates getting the xcon so it will look like im copying lol

he said that the xcon is apparently a bit better than the NB is this true?

what yoyo is bigger xcon NB or dark magic??

is the fixed gap good or bad for landing sring tricks and stuff

Does it have long spin times

would you say its one of the best YYJ yoyos? if so, one of the best out of all yoyos?

I mainly want sleep times, i will end up puting a little thin lube on anyway just for that extra long spin

or is that a bad idea

i can bind but only the trapeze and forwardds trapeze ones and braintwister ofcourse

i can actually do all the binds in that intermediate section and all basic tricks and i can do mach 5, the matrix and stuff like that

just out of curiousity is the jamboo any good?

random question just looks, well . interesting lol

i know its a lot but it will make my mind up so thank you :wink:

hi! ill say this before everyone else does, there is no best yoyo! lol its all about preference, so your mate might think his x-con is better, but you might not, personally Ive never played a NB but iv played an x-con n I prefer my DM over it, it just feels better for me, where as my friend prefers the X-con.
The fixed gap thing isnt a bad thing, as long as its a bigish gap, i have a yoyo with a fixed gap and its my main player (auldey L3) so Id say its a good thing, you can make the gap smaller with smaller bearings, or winder with shims etc.
Ive only heard good things about the NB, as long as you can bind then ul be fine, I got the DM as my 2nd yoyo and I was fine with that.
Spin time all depend on your throw, for example when i got my DM i was gettin like 45 seconds out of it, n people were saying they get like 5 mins! im getting about 3mins 30secs now! so if you work on your throw you’ll get good spin times
As far was the jamboo goes ive heard mixed reviews on it some say its awesome n plays well but ive heard it can fall apart lol!

It is all up to you wether it is good or not. To me, not really, either way, it has a shallow bearing seat, andwould unscrew in seconds.

Yes, I would very highly reccommend it, as it is very good, and something different.

If you want double o-ring, that’s not the New Breed. The New Breed has silicone o-rings. You can swap them out, but it would be responsive, and that’s not what it is intended for.

You don’t have to get an X-ConVict to copy him/her. Get a Hitman. Made by the same player, nearly the same, the only difference really is the weight ring size, 1 mm bigger in diameter, and 2.5 grams less.

No, it is very small compared to the New Breed. The New Breed is nearly oversized. The X-ConVict is undersized.

You already asked this. It doesn’t matter, but some have shallow seats, not allowing it to be opend up during play.

Both Yo-Yos have very long spin times. It is the throw, not the yo.

It is a very good YYJ, and yes, in my opinion, it is one of the best.

It is a good idea, you always need to clean your bearing.

Okay, then you should almost be set.

The Jamboo is no longer in production anymore. It was made of Bamboo, and if it ever comes back, it won’t have the specs it had before, according to YYE’s page on it.

Glad to help you, but please advise of this:

It was a post written by me, and you should look at it, everyone needs to read this post, and stop asking questions like this. The community has been overwhelmed by these questions, driving some away.

Please, don’t ask these questions in the near future, to prevent driving us away. Not towards you, but any askings like these.

I’ve been playing my NB for quite some time. It’s amazing. The only problems I have with it are mostly related to my own skill, or lack there of in this case. It tends to come unscrewed during play, again, I attribute that partially to me.

My former yoyo was an adjustable gap. With the adjustment all the way in it was very responsive, enough so to loop with (Henry’s Lizard), so switching to a fixed gap has been great. I don’t have to try and re-find the sweet spot. I haven’t tried the X-ConVict or DM, so I can’t give you a comparison I’m afraid, but I have tried yoyos w/ Starburst and friction stickers. I much prefer the silicon. Haven’t tried O-rings either.

I’m debating between an X-conVict or stacked PGM for my next purchase. I really want an X-con to try a size that’s a bit different than my New Breed, but want to get a PGM to check out stacks as well… decisions decisions… lol

In depth review of the New Breed will go up this weekend

Well Ld1996 like you i was asking questions about the new breed to because i heard that the new breed was very big compared to my x con. well Ill get to the point to me the xcon and new breed are pretty even because the xcon is a little bit smoother but for the new breed the spin time and the gap make up for the smoothness. But the only thing now i need to ask you are you really good at binding? because the new breed has great binds but at first you may miss alot of your binds so I kinda know where your comin from cause im only on the advanced to section and i got my xcon when i was at the beginning of advanced one lol than a few weeks later i got the new breed but it was a dream so i would prefer the new breed but if you get extra orings make sure to get the right kind!!! lol i got like 10 sets of the wrong orings so yeah. Also to me I am not a big fan of hybrid responce so that is also why i chose the new breed over dm -JDOG95