My Final decision

I have now narrowed it down.

but my friend just decided he isnt getting the xconvict.(hes getting a hitman,which i already have :P)

i was thinking new breed but i can only do the intermediate binds.

i like the xcon but is it bigger or smaller than the new breed.

im really not sure but please reply saying good and bad things about both.

im so confused because i dont know much about the xcon, didnt cross my mind because my friend would go mad lol

reply asap

oh just before i go, do the rims go darker? on the yoyos because my mate said they do and that green would look gay because the rim colour fades

and last question, would a konkave bearing with thin lube and possible silicone response be good for either yoyos?
or maybe no accessories

thankyou gutys :slight_smile: :wink:

The x-convict is slightly smaller then the new breed

New Breed
Weight (g) 67.50
Width (mm) 44.14
Diameter (mm) 55.85
Gap Width (mm) 5.20

Weight (g) 67.60
Width (mm) 40.20
Diameter (mm) 53.98
Gap Width (mm) 3.32

New breed: Bigger, wider, larger (fixed) gap, slightly more rounded shape (with flared out rims), i do not have one, but i have heard good things. Also silicon pad response.

X-Convict: Smaller, thinner, smaller (adjustable) gap, less rounded shape, o-ring (but can take silicon with out “modding”) I tried one and liked it. The gap is a little small at first, but not too bad. Once you get used to it, it is a great throw.

I recommend the X convict if you want smaller, and the New breed if you want bigger. In my experience (never trying the new breed) most YYJ metal rimmed yoyos play VERY similar. Not the same, but similar. You can’t go wrong with either.

KK (konkave)- I got one yesterday. It feels a bit nicer, it does keep the string centered. Personally i like it, but it does not make a big difference. It feels different, but not enough for me to buy another one soon for $15, although i am glad i tried one out. I do recommend trying one out, so if you have the extra money, go for it.

Thin lube- it is not nessry but i like to have a bottle at all times in case i can not clean a bearing for specific reasons, i just drop a drop into the bearing and re-break it in.

I would get Silicon if you get the X-convict, i love it with silicon, much better than o rings. Im not sure about the NB taking silicon, but maybe someone else on here knows.

Hope this helped!