Dark Magic, Legacy, or New Breed?

I have a kickside and i want a yoyo to have a great spin time. I know how to bind and everything but the Kickside just isn’t working out for me. I need something that can handle string tricks. Which do you think i should get. Are their anymore reccomendations?

I think all the yoyo’s you named are good, but do you like the size of the kickside or would you perfer a lager/smaller yoyo?

The size is ok about 4 grams Heavier or 4 Grams Lighter is fine. =]

Any one of those yoyos are good. Pick the one you like the most. 8)

The dark magic is a bit big, the other two are pretty close in size, the new breed is a VERY wide yoyo, so it will be a little bit harder to do tight string tricks, I have heard that star burst response makes your string brake faster, but idk your choice. hope I helped

I like all of these. They were all reccomended by a friend, so which one do you think is best. start a Pro/con list for them lol.

Idk the pros and cons, I don’t own any and don’t have any friends that yoyo that I ever see, but if I were you I would go with…hard choice…hmmm…I think new breed wins me :stuck_out_tongue:

well the pros for one could be a con for someone else. they all have good spin times. choose the coolest looking one.

Which one could be used for both 1A and 5A?

Every yo-yo that can be used for 1a can be used for 5a.

I think i’m going to go with the New Breed. I’ll buy it in a week or so, if you think i will regret it please post.

i say the legacy

I think you should choose between the Legacy and the New Breed. There’s a difference in shape and material.

Ruling out the Dark Magic because of the response system.