Ugh.....New Breed or YYE Dark Magic....

I am absolutely torn between these two yoyos…any help? :’(

The yye dark magic plays the same as the normal Dark Magic, so the only difference is the response. What response do you prefer, recessed silicone or hybrid?

Expand your horizons. Get the New Breed. It is more geared towards advanced play, and should be great.

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Sigh…sadly I will go with the New Breed. I’ll just have to let the YYE Dark Magic slip through my grasp… :stuck_out_tongue: :-\

be happy you can just get ur hands on one of them! ;D

Yeah, haha. Now I just need to decide whether to get the black or orange New Breed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the way I look at it, the YYE dark magic is a once in a life time deal, there will never be anymore of these yoyos. However the new breed is mass produced so you can get it any time. Just throwing in my idea there but it’s your choice. Later.

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I have a proto New Breed. Awesome. Like Samad said, expand your horizons. It is very good, and unresponsive out of the box. Play the preference card. See what is right for you. I’d go with the New Breed. And it is from a different player instead of the well-known and popular ones.

The two yoyos are slightly different. The new breed has ceclon, and is heavier? than the Dark Magic. Not so sure about the heavier. Which would you prefer? And you can sell the YYE Dm for way higher when they never make em anymore.

Ohhhhhh, yes! The New Breed is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heavier.

It is a tough call. Robert has a good point when there is only 100 YYE editions available (I snagged one). I haven’t tried any of the New Breed protos yet, but I’ve been drooling over them since I heard they were coming out.

Strictly from a feature standpoint, I love silicone response; heavier yoyo’s; and big yoyo’s, so naturally I’d lean toward the New Breed. But that YYE DM is so nice to look at, not to mention it’s reputation for being an awesome player.

I have gone nowhere with this post… you’ll probably be satisfied either way you go.

How much does the New Breed weigh?..I thought my Dark Magic was like a brick on a string.

Checked out YYG… 68 grams… lighter than the DM.

Are you sure? I was expecting 75 grams lol

Yep. Pheenix is right. Its pretty heavy for 68 g.

The New Breed is larger than dark Magic, heavier, and wider.

Happy Throwing! =]