Which yo-yo is better?Dark Magic or New Breed?

I’m deciding which yo-yo to buy because i am lacking cash.Please help

If this is your first big-time yo-yo, I would say Dark Magic.

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Me too. The new breed is awesome but the dark magic is just as awesome and better for newer players.

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oh, dark magic’s are good because they can be unresponsive and responsive, the new breed is DEAD unresponsive

definitely go with the dark magic. i have it and it rocks it works so well for so many tricks. grinds are so smooth with it especially thumb grinds

I prefer the New Breed because I dont like Hybrid response in yoyos… But if you want one that will play responsive for a while go DM… Either will get you through all the tricks on this site

Dark magic for learning.
made unresponsive and responsive! :smiley: