Which yo-yo is better?Dark Magic or New Breed?


I’m deciding which yo-yo to buy because i am lacking cash.Please help

(JM) #2

If this is your first big-time yo-yo, I would say Dark Magic.


Me too. The new breed is awesome but the dark magic is just as awesome and better for newer players.


oh, dark magic’s are good because they can be unresponsive and responsive, the new breed is DEAD unresponsive


definitely go with the dark magic. i have it and it rocks it works so well for so many tricks. grinds are so smooth with it especially thumb grinds

(Mitch) #6

I prefer the New Breed because I dont like Hybrid response in yoyos… But if you want one that will play responsive for a while go DM… Either will get you through all the tricks on this site

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Dark magic for learning.
made unresponsive and responsive! :smiley: