wich yoyo is better?

I am going to buy new yoyo and I do not know wich is better: YYJ Dark Magic II or YYJ New Breed ?? pls help me :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go with the new breed just because I’m kind of a delrin (celcon) fanatic.

Although you really can’t go wrong with either.

There is no better yoyo. Its all preference man :slight_smile: Iv’e heard better things about the DMII, but that doesn’t mean the New Breed isn’t good :slight_smile:

They’re quite similar.

It’s really a matter of looks now, though different body material ^^, but it really doesn’t affect play.

I have both, and they are both very good yoyos for the price. I like the Dark Magic a “hair” more because I like the shape a little more. But it also spins long and there is little to no vibe. But, the weight distribution is PERFECT on the New Breed; and it also has very good spin times. They can both be a little bulky at times. If you like more floaty yoyos, get the New Breed (the New Breed might look heavy on paper, but when your actually playing it, it is quite floaty). If you like heavier yoyos; get the Dark Magic. You cant go wrong with either. If your interested, I wrote reviews on both:

Dark Magic (Version II)
New Breed

NOTE: The formats are a little different because the New Breed review is very old now.