Which is better for 1A style???

YYJ New Breed,

YYJ Atmosphere


YYJ Dark Magic 2???

As you can see, They are all metal rimmed yo-yos and has wide gap and are all 40 dollar yoyos…

Any other recommenations? suggestions? opinions? Any YYF’s o other brands?

Please let me know so I won’t get dissapointed…
:-\ :-\ :-\

the new breed is awesome. i havent tried the atmosphere or dark magic 2. whats ur preferences?

All 3 are awesome throws for 1A. I would look @ what specs you like in a yoyo and go w/ that. The DM and New Breed are large YoYo’s and the Atmosphere is more undersized. they are all kind of on the heavy side, ect ect.

The New Breed is by far the lightest one of the bunch, so if you want something light go for that. If you want something small go for the Atmosphere. If you want something big you have to choose between the other two. The Dark Magic has some more rim-weight that the New Breed.

The shapes aren’t that different. Size and weight is the real deciding factors here.

so what do you guys think is the BEST of these 3???

They are all different and telling which one is the best is impossible due to everyone liking different things.


Need more opinions!

??? ??? ???

Just so you know, having multiple accounts is against the rules of the forum. If you wanted a name change, you should have asked a moderator or Andre (yoyoexpert).

Listen to him and respond. One isn’t better than the other.

My choice would be “None of the above”.
The Hitman is a good choice.
But they’re all good.

My legacy is legit.

I would get the new breed or wait for the hit man pro to come out

i have never used the atmostphere but in my opinion the new breed is better than the dark magic

So???.. What should I really pick???

It’s totally up to you. If you need to, flip a coin or roll a die or something. You’ll end up with a good yoyo, and whatever you get will help you start to figure out your preferences.