YYJ New Breed VS Atmosphere

I understood the YYJ New Breed & Atmosphere are the best 40$ yyj yoyos.
which do you prefer and why?

also, if you can, please say-

  • is yyj atmosphere the newest yyj plastic-metal?
  • are the new breed & atmosphere better than the x-convict, hitman and dark magic for 1A?
  • is the atmosphere good for 1A? (I’ve heard many play it 5A, which is far from me)

If you want a big yoyo, get the New Breed. :slight_smile:

If you want a small yoyo, get the Atmosphere. :slight_smile:

  • Yes.
  • Yes and no. It is all personal preference.
  • Yes and no. Its still personal preference.

Confused! ;D

If you like large yoyos, get the new breed. If you like small yoyos, get the atmosphere.
What’s confusing? Now you’r confusing me nova. :smiley:
EDIT: oh I see what you’r saying now nova. But I agree with Samad’s below post.

I understand. He is still likely to be asking which yoyo to get. Most people are too embarrassed to ask directly, so they make threads like this.

Best $40 I ever spent on a yoyo was on a…I’ve never spent money on a yoyo before. Hmmm

yeah i hate spending money on yoyos too.

i need a CNC Lathe and some aluminium. ;D

Let me see if I can clarify just a little more…

If you’re looking for something that has roughly the same size, shape, and hand-feel of the hSpin Pyro, go with the New Breed. You’ll find it a bit more “floaty” than the Pyro, and most people feel that’s a good thing, especially with the standard YYJ silicone response and large bearing. Plus, and this bears mentioning, the gap is gigormous.

If you want something undersized that plays like a tank, go with the Atmosphere. It’s small, deceptively heavy, and moves just as fast or slow as you’d like it to.

Of the two, I prefer the Atmosphere. They’re both great performers, but I prefer one over the other by a good margin.

I just as soon not presume anything, but you have a point. ;D

I’m trying to decide which to get and want to know how they play in 1A.
can you give more pros and cons of each instead of just “one is big and the other is small and heavy”? that’s what reviews are for but I’m asking for some personal opinion- what you like about them rather than what I would.

Hate to break this to you, but that’s all there is to it. One’s big and floaty, one’s small and tankish. If you’ve read the reviews that are out there, they should help you make a sound decision.

In my opinion, the Atmosphere is better, as I stated earlier in the thread…

I have a feeling you’re going to be a little disappointed if my answer is simply “it just feels better to me” aren’t you?

I couldn’t tell you why, though, and that’s the trick. It could be because of how my head works. Could be the size and dimensions of my hands. Could be the string I prefer to use. Could be the natural tensions I keep during tricks. Who knows?

I currently own i new breed and i don’t regret buying it, but as a lot of people said on this form it all depends on what size , Do you like big or small?

You are the one buying the yoyo and playing it, so it should be what you like about it. Besides, different people like different shape, size and weight of yoyos, so there is no “model” answer to your question. Both play equally good in 1A and 5A, so you would not regret your choice.

thanks guys, you brought up some great issues. I guess I prefer to try the atmosphere.

I prefer the Atmosphere, but the New Breed has this hollow feel that feels great, but the Atmosphere is more my size and weight.

The Atmosphere owns alot, I grabbed a random one at worlds for the throw and was chatting to John about them I think.

Very very nice, smooth as heck, nice comfy shape, good weight, ill caps and made for a top guy and very humble 5a player. He was very cool to see in action during the 5a breakout at worlds.