NewBreed or Atmosphere?

I should get??? ???

A the new breed’s larger than the atmosphere.
They’re both celcon/metal.
Both has large bearing.
Flush silicone response.
Telling the size you prefer or likewould make it really easy.
Also are you open for other suggestions?or those teo are the ones you really like?

So the important part here is the size.

big=New Breed

If you can only quote someone then there is no reason for you to post at all.

Also think what weight you want. The atmosphere is heavier. Some people like this because if feels more solid, but some people (me) don’t like it because it fells heavy on the string and harder to do lacerations. People say the New Breed feels suprisingly light because of its massive size. Make sure to keep in mind other yoyos too. Like the Hitman, Protostar, Speeder, X-Convict. There is a bunch of them! Hope that helps!!!

Sorry Ichtus, I forgot what I was to type and while thinking I accidentally hit the post button, I’m very sorry.

lol fail. ichtus, be easy on the kid.

DUDE, respond already. and there are pleanty of yoyos for the same price that are just as good, better, or worse DEPENDING ON YOUR PREFERENCES. many $50 metals, or u could go cheaper and get a good plastic.

the new breed is the best yyj yoyo

ding! Wrong… Preferance is the best yyj yoyo!

Theres also shapes… The Atmoshpere is kinda flat rimmed and the Newbreed had like flared rims

cough atmosphere cough

i have both and can tell u now its almost the exact same bull
atmosphere=midget with power
new breed=non ferocius bear=panda
they are same shape just one is smaller and one isnt
BUT the new breed has a redonculous giganticulous gap that is the easiest for landing string tricks
atmospher has a nice solid weight goin on and a decent sized gap
i would get new breed if ur a begginer and atmo if more advanced or just save AND get a hatrick its the best shit eva!!!

ding! Wrong! The New Breed is the best yyj yoyo!

Chill my opinion is just as good as yours.

I say that you go with you look at the yo-yo’s you have, and decide whether or not you want a new playing experience. As stated above, size is a big player in the decision. If you have large yo-yo’s, and would like to stick to the same formula, go for the New Breed. Likewise, if you have large yo-yo’s, but would like to try something new, go for the Atmosphere. The same goes for feel, shape, etc.

If you still have trouble, go roll a dice or flip a coin. Let luck decide for you.

**Little side note: Putting (don’t vote this) next to the Dark Magic makes people more likely to vote it. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i would think so too i was just board see what happened.