Which YYJ should I buy?

As you guys should know… I’m a Yoyojam person… I love yoyojam yo-yo’s!

So… I’m getting confused on what should I buy…

Should I buy:

YYJ New Breed


YYJ Atmosphere…

Which one do you recommend?.. Which one is better?

or do you guys have other recommendations???

Need help!.. Please!

Dark Magic 2?

Do you have more info about it?

i have the new breed and its really good. i havent tried the atmosphere but i heared it has a smaller gap. you might wanta do some research on the dark magic v2 cause i heard it was good. just use the search bar.

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic  Dark Magic 2.  All the information you need about it.  Also, I don’t think they make the original anymore.

does anyone here have a atmosphere, New Breed or Dark magic 2???

any of those… tell me your opinions about those yoyo’s

Atmosphere! More rim weight and long spin times! Monster gap (5mm). Just looks fantastic.

Wait for the PHENOMizm to come out. Nice.

thats a horrible recommendation. that yoyo is completely different. its not a plastic/metal or even in the same price range.

Phenom is not a part of the discussion!

Maraming mga bagong YoYoJam na lalabas pare… Ganda yon!

(There will be a lot of YoYoJams to come… And they are great.)

It’s plastic/metal… the PHENOMizm is not the same thing as the PHENOM

Failure. I clearly wrote there PHENOMizm.

I don’t own either of these… But it appears to me that the new breed is more stable and longer spin, and the atmosphere is for faster and more precise play… I think either of them would be a good choice… But of I was buying I would buy the new breed

I can only speak for the New Breed and the Atmosphere. I have played a Dark Magic though, and I would imagine that it’s nothing short of awesome with the upgrades that it has gotten.

The New Breed is great, it may or may not have some vibe, but it probably won’t affect play (depends on the yoyo, celcon isn’t consistant). Despite its weight it feels a lot lighter during play due to the weight distribution.

The Atmosphere is somewhat the opposite of the New Breed. There is a lot more rim-weight so it feels a lot heavier and it is also a lot smaller.

They both grind very well and the only negative part about them is that they might vibe a little, but this is the case with most plastics.

If you want you could wait a few days maybe a week and wait for the Hitman pro to be released look it up im sure you will like it ;D

Pare!.. Kapwa pinoy!..

Kailan lalabas???.. di ko alam yun ah!

Sleep time is not a factor as it is impossible to say one or another. These are all great yoyos.

Why stick to YYJ?

Ok…? Yomega makes Mavericks so I should stick to Yomega? No. That’s not logical.

Because YYJ’s have great designs and precision making!

As do the other companies.

I’m really just trying to get people to understand that just because they like one company, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that company and really shouldn’t.