new breed vs dm

so how is the new breed compare to the dm? ok, so its diamiter and width are sligtly bigger, weighs less, and its got silicone. alright i do like silicone to hybrid response, thats true, but they are basicly the same. i’m reading the review thing and
“YoYoJam started from scratch on this model. This yo-yo is the first YoYoJam to feature a celcon body construction with wide aluminum weight rings.”

how is this started from scratch, looks identical to dm!
no idea what celcon is, whats so special about that?
wide aluminum weight rings? what does the dm have? or mabey emphisis on wide?

does it play differently?

a review would be nice as well!

Celcon is a different kind of plastic that is more durable, heaver, and chemical resistant so you can clean your bearing in than just stick right in the bad boy. It is also what the legacy is made out of. It also has a way different feel to it. I guess you could call it softer but still more durable if you wanted to describe it. It is also said to be flexible. The weight is off just by 2 grams the DM being 70 and the NB 68. The shape is more rounded than the DM. The DM has a bigger diameter than the new breed yet the new breed is wider. The new breed also has a wider gap about 2 MM difference. The NB also has a fixed gap where the DM is adjustable. Celcon is also better at grinding. Yes The NB has a silicone response and the DM a hybrid. Those are about all the differences. So the yoyos are similar at a glance but once you look closer they are pretty different. Later.

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Please! They are far from the same. So please don’t say that they are basically the same except for small size tweaks. Look at the shape. The Dark Magic has flat rims. The New Bree is kinda round, but the rims are straight and angled in a special way that I have never seen before.

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Thank you!
I really get annoyed at people saying the New Breed is a Legacy with metal rims, or just a Dark Magic. It’s not a copy of anything, but a brand new yoyo for Eric Koloski. :slight_smile:

I personally want to bash people calling it a fat Dark Magic… It’s not even close to funny.

I agree, it doesn’t play, look, or was desinged like a Dark Magic at all.

can you give me a picture, the one supplied in the shop is not very good for seeing that. btw, how does the angle change the play?

Because it is a different shape altogether.

Look at the shapes, you can see a difference.

Left to right, new breed, dark magic

Not to scale, just for the shape.

so is it like an x-con shape?

yea i know that, so its probably not as good in grinds (never was good at those anyway), does it throw straiter? anything like that?

It gives a completely different feel.

I tried the New Breed yesterday at the Sopron International Yoyo Contest.
I like the DM but I think the New Breed is alot better.

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I have a New Breed! It feels NOTHING like an X-ConVict or a Dark Magic. Thats why it said they started from scratch! Celecon is way different than plastic. The shapes are totally different. Don’t compare them!

Acutally, Celcon (note spelling) is a type of plastic.

I know that, its like, a different version, if I could say. Dark Magic’s plastic is that smooth plastic you find on nearly every YoYoJam yoyo. The New Breed, has the other version of plastic, the one you never find on their yoyos. Its like plastic, but while making it, they took a needle or something and ran through it. So its not what you’d find.

YYJ use celcon in a LOT of yoyos. The New Breed is the beginning of an era with metal and celcon combined. But celcon can bee seen in a bunch of other YYJs.

EDIT: The Legacy was the beginning of a new era with metal/celcon

Thats not exactly what I meant. The plastic you usually see is smooth, like the Hitman, and the Dark Magic, and the Speeder. That plastic. This yoyo, has plastic, but different.

YoyoJam still uses Celcon in a lot of other yoyos. I don’t even get what you are saying.

Kim-Lan, Samad, can you help me out on this? Look at the picture on the first page. You can see the looks of the plastics are different. Yes, they are celcon, but one is different.