new breed vs dm

Look at the Lyn Fury, Legacy or SpeedMaker. They are made out of the same material. The Dark Magic, Hitman and X-ConVict are made out of Polycarbonate… different plastics.

YES! THANK YOU! You said it for yourself. The Dark Magic and the New Breed have different plastics! Thats what I said before!

Okay people, you guys should stop arguing. Spencer was trying to say that the type of plastic used on the NB is different from any other plastic used on other YYJ Metal rimmed yoyos.

The smoothness of the thing doesnt really matter. Celcon can be smooth, and it can be rough (On the NB). Its just the finishing. The surface has nothing to do with the type of plastic. The NB was probably made rough celcon for better grinding. Thats an improvement for all Metal Rimmed/YYJ yoyos.

If they wanted, they probably could have made some rough polycarbonate too, but that wasn’t in the design. P.S. There are scientists in Singapore working on microscopic polycarbonate bumps on plastic, for lizard-like sticking on to stuff like spiderman. I’m giving away too much info…

Anyway, the type of plastic has nothing to do with the look of it. Celcon can be smooth too, and polycarbonate can look rough. Its the finishing. The NB was made like that to have a surface something like the PGM im guessing.

EDIT: Don’t read my post, im not sure what im trying to say. The NB doesn’t look like it has a surface meant for grinding now that i look at it again. Im guessing its just horribly large mold marks like the PGM.

Man, you guys posted 2 posts before i could finish my post. This should’ve been inserted 2 posts before.

Thanks. Moving on!

I thought Dark Magic has an adjustable gap, so you can let the gap be as wide as you want it to?

Yeah, pretty much. Think all YYJ yoyos have an adjustable gap.

Yeah but there is a limit to how much you can adjust. For new breed, the bearing seat itself is more shallow, and the dark magic’s one is more deep. So you can adjust it much more without any risk of the string falling through the gap between the bearing and the seat.

srry ive been gone so long, is thier a reason to buy the nb instead of just a metal other than price? does it have any quirks that would make it superior. plastic type really isn’t swaying me too much

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