Now im looking at the new breed to compare to a pgm

which one would you guys get??
and i could probably even get a ceramic konkave aswell!!

would a ckk fit a NB?
And there any good yoyos that arent too pricey
its for my bday so i have a pretty wide selection
i was looking at axiom and dna and all metal
but whats the difference between by metal like dm and hitman
and all metal like meteor and others??

tell me what yoyo you would get ad why ;D
and what you think of NB

i would get the Newbreed except it huge in width. It has a Wider gap than a pgm and some timesthe pgm snags. and even though the New Breed is not metal it still has great stability and is smooth because of the celocon and it is metal rimmed

I like my New Breed more than my PGM. Just personally.

Yeah pgms are nice have hubstacks but there gap is to tight for my liking.

Lets see. I mod ton’s of yoyos, Make my own yoyos and my main player right now is a New Breed.

For me, both two is great :smiley:
New Breed + points

  1. metel rim
  2. great in weight
  3. great shape
  4. normal sized yoyo
  5. unresponsive
  • points
    I can’t think of one

PGM + points

  1. Hubstacks
  2. slight H shaped (rim weight)
  3. unresponsive
  4. normal sized

I can’t think of negative points of both two :stuck_out_tongue: ;D
they are GREAT yoyos

In case its too early in the morning or you don’t get it, he loves the New Breed. HE MAKES HIS OWN THROWS and still plays with the New Breed. That says alot.

The NewBreed is my second favorite throw…

Its got great weighting, the celcon is great forgrinding, the silicone offers smooth unresponsive play and binds nice and tight… Right now I play 5A with my because the gap is so huge stalls dont snag up on me

this is weird but i can now get an all metal yoyo!!!

i could get 888
or even a dna!

im probably gonna get superstar,dna or 888
with a ceramic kk!!!

which one would you get?

could u add a + and - chart of good things and bad things?

I say G5… Its godly…

and I like the spec bearing…

you are mega bent on your CKK? Did you even plan to try the yoyo stock or what?

If you can get a metal go for the Gold Pure by Spyy

Ok Ok

Looks Like DV888 With Nooooo CKK Or Just KK

((Maybe Normal KK What Do U Think?))

So Its DV888 With String Maybe KK And Thin Oil??
Sound Good??
Anything Else Needed?

Oh And Spare KPads.

I Think Its Awesome Bcoz Its Price Is Amazin!

Just buy the Dv888, spare pads, string and lube.

yeah yeah thanks:)
but what one should i get then
small or large bearing whats better?

and what colour??

You should really start deciding for yourself. Preference, and preference.

i will decide on collour and that
but seriously, please help me out with small or large :-
i just want to know what one you would get.
thanks ps
either way ill probably get violet.

I don’t see why that should have any impact on your decision. Small bearings and large bearings play a little different. And we don’t know what you like. Get what seems the most interesting to you. Would you like to try a small bearing? Would you like to stick with large bearings? This is all up to you. You need to take some decisions yourself.

i personally like large bearings so much more than the small ones but thats just me

I dont remember who but some one said if you have to ask you want a large bearing

There’s nothing wrong with asking what other people would get. I am currently putting together a two-thousand dollar computer, and you can bet your Aunt Sally that I asked around before I bought the stuff.

I’ll give you the information on large and small bearings then you decide. I think this is the info you have been looking for.

Small bearings are a little more unstable than large. They can tilt easier than large.
If you are into 5a yoyoing then I do suggest you get a small bearing though. It seems to play better for that. Also if you like to do regenerations then a small bearing is worlds better than a large bearing.

Large bearings are way more stable than a small. They won’t tilt near as bad as a small. You can get longer spintimes from a large bearing but with today’s bearings that shouldn’t matter unless you are trying to break the world sleep record.

Use this information to figure out your need from a bearing.

Also I know asking questions on what to get can be annoying. I can’t stand it either. But without review’s and asking questions, how do people decide? Give the guy a break. Remember you may have asked these same questions when you started.