which yoyo ? and why ?

tell me ;D

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What are your preferences? Big or small? Heavy or light? Shape? Etc…

Haven’t tried them yet :slight_smile: But I’m going to close my eyes, pick one, and seriously skew your results :smiley:

hmmm i had YYJ new breed that only from 2 weeks ago has broke…
now thinking to get one of those…
i need something more small than New breed :stuck_out_tongue:

They are both small. The Project grinds better but the boss has more more rim-weight


if i had to pick one,i’d get the p2.they are hard to come by these days,then when the p2s are all gone you can comeback and get a boss.

Yo-bear is right. Get the P2. I think they took more time in designing it. It’s uber stable. The boss is also an awesome but I think the p2 is first.

I have both the boss and P2, and i love my boss, its my main throw, have it with me almost all times. I got the P2 about 2 weeks ago, and honestly I think it is over hyped. I like it, but for some reason it kinda bugs me. The more I play it the more it grows on me but it will never pass the BOSS on my play list.


There’s no need to bump a post that soon. The last post was only two hours ago.


quote author=hard_styler4 link=topic=12614.msg130032#msg130032 date=1267253074]
now you are jus getting annoying, btw BOSS all the way.[

Why did it broke?

the axle is for change,and the thread(axle enter in) is broken 3/4 .
i went to yoyo shop in my country,they said in the moment they don’t have axles for new breed,and for the thread is end … :’(

oh, i hope you’ll find anaxle for your NB, I hear it’s a good throw.

but about the threaded… :-
they said it can’t be changed… :frowning:
i think it’s end with it…
because i can’t put together the 2 parts of the yoyo… ;(


Apparently you don’t know this then. Please don’t bump a topic in the same day. It’ll be replied to soon enough.