Looking for some buying advice...

looking for some advice on buying my first metal yoyo. Right now I currently own a YYJ new breed and a YYF PGM. I really like the rim weight on the new breed but not very fond of the shape as I find snap starts difficult with this one. The weight and size on the new breed feels very comfortable and solid in my hand but I would like to go for something a bit smaller and lighter. I love the shape of the PGM, snap starts are much easier but I find the PGM spinning out on me way more than my new breed. The hub stacks I don’t really care for that much though as they seem to get in the way sometimes. I don’t really care about cosmetics though a nice looking yoyo is a plus. I have been looking at a couple yoyos already as they seem like the general direction I want to go:

YYF Frantic
YYF Hectic
YYF Dv888
YYF 888(preowned if I can find one)

any help is appreciated, thanks!

You can try looking into a Boss.
They have the shape of a 888ish PGM.
Solid throw, no stacks, weight is perfect.

I was also looking at an M1 just now. They seem well built and pretty solid for only being $45

They’re undersized.
Compared to the PGM and Newbreed, Its SMALL.

Boss is perfect to you, it is a PGM/888 shaped yoyo. And it is a very solid throw. Weight isn’t too light or too heavy. And it is Not too Flashy.

thanks guys! I’ll probably end up purchasing a boss as soon as some money comes my way and they restock them here. 8)