Now im torn

Ok so now I’m stuck between chosing between the SEVERE, the BOSS and the 888x.

Small difference in price but big difference in the shapes.
Do I stick with the familiar shape of the BOSS and the 888x with their flat rims and convex inner shape or go with the rounded H shape of the SEVERE.
I suppose that the SEVERE is a easy way to get used to the H shape due to the fact that it isnt as pronounced as other H shaped yoyo’s like the Hetic.
The BOSS and 888x are similar sounding and look like the DV888, but im not sure on the hubstacks of the 888x, are they removable?

So the purpose of all of that is, for anyone who has any of those yoyo’s to give me some guidence for the purchase of my next yoyo.
They all sound great on paper and I wish I could get them all at once and test them out.

I recommend the BOSS. It’s soooo amazing that most other yoyos I have tried seem boring.

I recommend the boss as well! It feels kinda like an 888 but more rim weight obviously and to me, having lots of rim weight makes the yoyo feel very solid during play for me. The shape of the boss is great for snap starts as well and it grinds oh so smoothly.

Like them I reccommend the boss. the weight is mostly on the rim, giving it a great feel and very smooth play

flip a coin there all good i got my 888x and its good. all yoyos will give u a nice play its all about PREFERANCE :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys for the guidance but, does anyone else have anything to guide my purchase? mainly looking for some people who own the SEVERE

I have a SEVERE…
It fits my hand perfectly because of the H-Shape…
It plays incredible too…
But I don’t think it’s a fast player…

But like I always said… It’s all about PREFERENCES

And yoyoaddict… You spell Preference, PREFERANCE…

What do you mean by “it’s not a fast player”??