DM or New Breed?


which one do you all think is better?

(Mitch) #2

I personaly prefer the New Breed because of response… here check this thread out.


Once again, preference.

Please, guys, try not to ask these questions. :slight_smile:

(Mark) #4

Not to disagree or anything, but they may want other people’s views on the two for everyone’s preference. Therefore I don’t see them as pointless. Now, it they are looking for one, then they should at least state it but I don’t see any hints about buying either.

Personally, I think they are pretty interesting and I like to know about other’s views especially those who have roughly the same preferences I do.


Also, I haven’t played either of them so I don’t know. XD


I’ve had the DM, and played the new breed.
The new breed feels HUGE!
It plays nice, and has an exceptionally large gap.

The DM is likewise, though not as extreme.
As a newer player, I’d go for the DM, though the new breed sparks my interest.


That is a very tough one. Stock, I would go with the New Breed. But if you clean the bearing, put shims in, and put silicone/silicone pads in the dark magic, it is just as good if not better IMO.


I think the new breed would be better for me. I need a wider gap