new breed or Dark Magic 1

so new breed or dm1? This is to help ME make a decition so please don’t say"no yoyo is better than the other orpick one you can’t go wrong >:(. thanks! ;D

New Breed, you seem to be pretty intermediate-advanced from looking at your fav tricks. If you were to get the DM, get the DMII.

but i don’t like the way the dm2 looks

The way I’m going to look at this is, if you already have double sili’d throws and you don’t have a hybrid throw, I would go with the DM1, but I’m going to warn you, its a beast of a throw (70g). I also must agree, I too don’t like the DM2. I’m kind of disappointed that its no longer a hybrid response yoyo.

but again with looks the new breed has more color options

This is true and if that is important to you then go w/ the New Breed. I will admit, I want that purple New Breed in the worst way.

well which has better playability, the new breed or dm1? can the new breed thumb grind?(the reason i want one is to try the metal/plastic yoyos. i’ve always wanted one and have always gone with the yyf on the other side of the decision.)

They are both great for playability. As far as thumb grinds I would stick w/ the DM out of these two. The New Breed doesn’t have the lip for it but the body of the NB is slicker that the DM’s and will probably arm grind better. Personally, I would go w/ the DM v1 just because they now have the v2 and will most likely be discontinuing the v1. I don’t see the NB going anywhere anytime soon.

the new breed is AWESOME it has a good gap, good grinds, moderate play, and floaty

You don’t want us to say it’s your preferences, when it is. And then you ask which one has better playability, and then you leave us to say that. They both play the same by the way.

why not try yoyojam atmosphere??

It’s body is made up of celcon plastic… Which means it doesn’t crack… It’s the same with new breed…

But the difference is atmosphere has brass metal on sides… Which means… It’s heavier than new breed and DM…

You decide!

Look at the shape and decide? And ceclon has an almost oily feel to it. It’s very very smooth.