SFX vs DM2 vs Revolution vs New Breed

Which is better?

Which ever YOU like is the “better” one. Some people like one of those yo-yos over the other. Can you explain your play style? Maybe we can help you find YOUR “better” yo-yo.

Just a couple highlights for decision-making:

New Breed has a great textured, plastic surface for grinding. Revolution might be similar, I forget.

New Breed is the only one made with Celcon which is much more durable than the poly-carbonate on the others.

SFX is also very durable, as its weight rings are less likely to get dinged and can’t break off.

Revolution has some kinda sharp edges. This means performance (catch zone) over comfort.

DM2 has flat rims which are great for snap starts.

DM2 has the best IRG (2 options for thumb grinds; I like the inner rim)

SFX is the most unique, good-looking yo-yo around. Right?

SFX weight placement is great for agility and stability combined.

SFX has a much lower inner wall than the other 3. Great for horizontal play and minimizing friction in general, less so for string rejection tricks and tilt correction.

New Breed has the biggest catch zone, followed by SFX or Revolution (about the same), then DM2

Overall, I would recommend the SFX for its versatility, the placement of the weight rings, and looks. It’s my favorite yo-yo I own, hands down. Its one weak spot is grinding (probably the worst of the 4). DM2 does everything well; can’t go wrong if you don’t have one. Obviously my preferences influence my recommendations. No one is better than the other as they are all very different. All of them should have a very smooth spin. If not, it’s a fluke and you should contact YYJ.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

I love my new breed it was actually vibe free and the celcon made it very durable

Its massive catch zone made it very easy for fast tricks