What do you prefer YYJ SFX or YYJ DM2


I just want to know what will i buy for my first yoyo


well I don’t know much about the sfx it doesn’t seem to be nearly as popular as the dm2 but I know I love my dm2 and there are countless other people that will say the same. The Dark Magic 2 is a tried and true throw.


Haven’t played the SFX nor is it currently on my radar as something I wantto have at the moment.

DM2 all the way. Smooth, stable, spins fantastic once the bearing is broken in.

Then again, the SFX looks like it has that mid-ring weight distribution that I really like in the Phenomizm and Phenom and is also featured in the XCon Pro. I’m planning to get an XCon Pro very soon.

Since we’re talking first yoyo, I really recommend the DM2. It’s highly recommended for ALL skill levels from beginner to master level. Both the yoyos you mention come with the slim bearing for responsive play(comes back when you tug) and a YYJ SPEED bearing(full width C-sized bearing) for unresponsive play(you do a bind to bring it back). Prices are a wash. So, you COULD go either way. Then again, I think the slightly higher Hitman Pro and Speeder 2 both do the same thing: includes the SPEED bearing, comes shipped with the slim bearing installed. So does the XCon Pro.
Please note I do have the DM2 and the Speeder 2, and the Hitman Pro and XCon Pro are on my “wants” list, with the XCon Pro being more “prioritized”.

If you want to save money for starting out, might I suggest the Legacy II. It’s essentially an all plastic DM2 and comes with both bearings and you should be super happy with it. One of my kids has one, and now I want one too! But, if you’re budgeting for a DM2, then by all means please do get the DM2, you’re going to love it. With the metal and plastic, it’s a bit more modern, feels nice in the hand and looks a lot cooler.


I own neither but have played both. As Studio42 said, the DM2 comes highly recommended by many people, pro or average joe. I love the rounded shape of it and how smooth it is. It’s a steal at that price. The SFX is amazingly smooth judging from the limited time I’ve played with it but the DM2 seems the better fit for learning tricks. It really can take you all the way up to the expert level tricks and more!