YYJ help

I was curious how the SFX plays? The DM2? Any other yoyojam under 45 with metal rims.

I do 1a, and some 5a. i have almost completed the Learn Section. My currently best throw is an Atmosphere. its not y favorite and im looking for a YYJ upgrade. Thanks!

um the chaser, sr-71, dm? But I would get something more say around 60 dollars. Example like a theory,phenom,or destiny

I’ve tried the SFX and thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s really a strong player and could easily be used as a competition throw. It can handle any 1a you want (other than grinds naturally) and I’m sure would be awesome at 5a. That said, if your budget is higher, the theory does look really good but I haven’t tried it to know. IMO the SFX is pretty darn good and would be well worth the $42.50

Vs. the DM2? I mean what’s your opinion vs. the DM2?

still looking at the DM2 and SFX.

How does the Theory Play against the Rec Rev Oscillatrix?

I was PM’ed this question. I didn’t have an answer because the SFX is on on my wants list, as is the SR-71 and I think the Revolution, as well as the Theory.

Each is amazing in their own way. It all comes down to preferences.

I will say I do play my DM2 way, way too much, but hey, I still like it. People know my collection is full of high dollar goodies, and yet, I still enjoy throwing down very affordable yoyos.

I would suggest:
Look the shapes of what you’re looking to purchase, and compae that to the shapes of the yoyos you really enjoy. While that’s not really a great way to make a decision, it may help you narrow things down a bit. By being similar to what you enjoy, I think that may increase your odds of an ideal pairing.

Now, nothing against the SFX and other stuff I mentioned I want, my priorities are with other items, those being metal yoyos. These YYJ models are ones I’ll buy on “slower months” where I can’t find anything else I really want to get.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m going for the theory over the Oscillatrix.

I might get a trade for a DM2 so ill just wait and see.

I am not about collecting I just want the best player as far as stableness smoothness and Spin time.

Also, I can’t tell from the pictures, but is the SFX V-Shaped?

I think in your case, you might want to hook up with a collector who also has all or most of the stuff you want, this way you can try out everything.

Don’t discount how much your play style and preferences factor in. Granted, the DM2 isn’t the best yoyo in the world, but that doesn’t change my very high opinion of it. I mean, it can take you from zero to hero, helps you learn, helps you clean up, competition grade(but not in the competition trend), 1A, 3A, 5A… It’s very stable and long spinning, but then so are most YYJs as well in regards to those two factors. Smoothness? Well… YYJ’s plastic/metals and plastics all seem to have some vibe. This is the nature of the construction material. If you’re OCD about vibe, you’re gonna go nuts. For me, it’s like “oh yeah, there’s a touch of vibe, who cares…” It’s not enough to prevent me from enjoying the yoyos a lot. My biggest issue these days is the noise, but again I don’t care. But when you play a dead silent metal for a while, you start to notice those things! Don’t discount a great yoyo for trivial things.

I started with the dark magic2, its a really sound yoyo and can do any trick. If you get a dm2 it wont hold you back. As far as metal rim yoyos go i would put it as my number 1.It can thumb grind like a beast.

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Yes, I would say SFX is V-shaped (low walled and angular), but a little more interesting because the metal rings bulge a little to put the weight where they wanted it. I love the weight placement. It comes off the throw faster than a fully rim-weighted yo-yo of similar size and still has great stability.

The edges aren’t too sharp. The shape is great for string tricks and horizontal play. It’s a gorgeous yo-yo to look at, especially translucent ones. It’s the most different from your Atmosphere, and a more modern design than the DM2 (which is also great).

Also, I like my Atmosphere (1st gen) more than my DM1 for thumb grinds, though it’s best to do it at an angle. Personally, the outer IGR of the DM does nothing for me, though the inner one is good. Never tried the SFX without caps.

Sounds good.

Theory or the Rec rev Oscillatrix?

Hey studio, your just like me, “a little vibe” who cares.

Rec Rev Oscillatrix or theory. Anyone?

Theory I hear plays twice its price

The SFX sucks! Get an X Con Pro, they are amazing! Or a vexed.

I haven’t played an SFX, but despite your dislike I intend to get one anyways. I’ll probably get that, the SR-71 and a Revolution at the same time.

The Vexed was one that surprised me. I wasn’t going to get one, but one ended up in my permanent possession at BAC 2012(part of my payment). As I said, this wasn’t a shape or look I was interested in. I sure am glad I got one. I really like this one!

I would get a Xcon if it was not 55. I only want to spend 40-45 now and maybe 60 some on a Oscillatrix or Theory.