I was looking at the blog and saw that a new color way (is that what you call it) was available for the SFX. I was looking at it and realized that I had been interested in it for a while. For those of you who have one, what are your impressions of it? The only other throws I have from YYJ are the trigger DM2 and a fiesta xx. I don’t know if it compares to those in any way, but if they do you have a reference point to describe it to me with. Thanks in advance.


They are great.


I tried one. I mean, it was good, but still just meh. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right.


So I’m not very good at deciphering specs, so how is it on size? Is it large, normal or small?


Specs don’t mean anything. It’s the subjective feel that actually matters.

It feels large, wide, floaty but easy to control, stable yet corrects easily by your will and stays there. It feels very…dependable. Forgiving. Reliable.

(Owen) #6

It’s a rather good Yoyo. Very good for 5a, handles horizontal well, and very forgiving on a bad throw.

Don’t know why I ever traded mine away…


I like mine but I hate stock yyj bearings, that may be something to keep in mind I know I am not the only one lol


Hmm, that’s strange. All of my YYJ bearings have been excellent after cleaning or breaking in. I actually like them better than YYF SPECs.


The SFX has been my favorite yo-yo for a couple years now. I’ve gotten a couple others since then, but I just keep going back to my SFX.

It’s smooth, not too small or big, has comfortable edges and a big catch zone, stable yet agile for change of spin axis, durable (rings can’t break off or get dinged), and has beautiful color contrasts.

I think the shape is more interesting than the Phenomizm and I like that it’s lighter. Its size is very similar to the DM, but it’s lighter than both versions. If that helps. Haven’t played a Trigger.

I would totally get the special edition if I didn’t already have one. I’ve had zero problems with YYJ speed bearings; don’t worry about that.


I have never cleaned a bearing I usally buy them cleaned or just get a new one so I never have to lube. all 3 of my yyjs had some sort of lube in them so I switched the bearings out and kinda just tossed em aside. I have not cleaned one tho to know how they play like that


Now that I think about it, my Legacy 2 had a bearing that seemed lightly lubed. Still unresponsive, but didn’t spin as long as it should have. It was great once I cleaned it. This was the only instance I can remember, though it wasn’t really a problem for me.


Hmm, I think you should really learn it. It’s something every yoyoer should know how to do.
I mean, what kind of driver doesn’t know how to change their own car’s oil?


I’m not a fan if the SFX. I recently tried it at an AirTraffic store, (AirTraffic is a YoYo store) and I found out it came with a responsive bearing too! But the responsive bearing was not good at all. But when I put the non responsive bearing in it only got a tiny bit better. So I think you should not get the SFX


Give the guy a video link at least so he can learn

Plus I don’t really know how to clean them either my cousin cleaned them for me


It’s one of the better YYJ hybrids. I much prefer it to the DMII. My biggest issue with it is the raw weight rings, which is not a problem for the special edition as the rings are anodised. Wish YYJ did this for all their throws, easily worth a few extra bucks.

I still prefer the PHENOMizm or X-Con Pro, but both of them are also more expensive.


Ben using mine for almost a year with no problems. An amazing yoyo for sure. I love YYJ speed bearings too.


How to clean a bearing

I can see why those skateboarders don’t take us seriously…