sfx or protostar

which one do u guys like better i like playing fast and slack and heard good stuff about both i like h shape but the angular shape looks good so im looking for recomadations

This is hard to compare. I love the protostar and the bearing and the way it spins. It just spins while you do your tricks. No stopping for Protostar. But against SFX though, I’m not sure. LOOKS like that the SFX is like a beast.

Also the slanted h-shape on the Protostar, I just don’t like it. I’ve heard good news on the shape but when I threw it, my middle finger is in the middle of the yoyo while my pointer and ring finger is HIGH on the edges. It’s like as if it wanted to split my fingers apart.

I’ve tried the protostar. It is a good yoyo but I have to get use to the width of the yoyo. I think protostar is good but never tried the sfx

thanks and if i put a kk bearing in the sfx will it be like the phenomizm

The design and placing of the weight ring on the SFX and Phenomizm are excactly the same and yes, probably they’ll play the same.

awsome cuz i have spare kk bearing in my case im so getting the sfx


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i justwant some more opionions

get a sfx they r great and i like the way it looks

and the clear one looks so beast.

I’ve never tried an SFX, but I got a Protostar about a month ago and it is awesome. The shape is perfect and it spins for an “eternity.” It plays very fast and smooth. So if you like big, light weight yoyos, (like me) a Protostar will be your dream come true… If you like the Protostar shape but you’d rather have a heavier yoyo, you might consider a Northstar; It’s almost exatly the same as the Protostar except it’s heavier.

Please keep in mind I’ve never tried a SFX, so I cant really compare the two. All I know is you wont regret it if you end up getting a Protostar. Good luck! :wink:

Yes, Protostars great. It’s very floaty. And it is smooth and spins long blah blah…it’s true and the CT bearing just makes it awesome. But SFX though, just wait for someone to get a SFX or make a thread asking help on the SFX.


I own an SFX and have played with Protostars a couple of times. In my opinion they’re both really good yo-yos, but I’m slightly more biased towards the SFX. Both of them are amazing players; they can plow through really long combos with ease. I, however, prefer the angular shape of the SFX. (As a little side note, the SFX seems to grind a bit better than the Protostar.)

Oh and the SFX does not play like a Phenomizm. The Phenomizm feels heavy on the string but very, very fast. The SFX feels a tad lighter on a throw and much slower.

thanks what bearing do u use in ur sfx

Never used either, but I prefer bi-metals over plastics

I just stick to the bearing that came with the SFX(YYJ SPEED bearing).

i hate speed bearings