a tough choice

so guys today im going to a local store and i dont know if i should get the yyj phenomizm SFX or revolution? i cant find many reviews so if you guys could leave your thoughts on the 3 or just on one please do.

In my opinion, both the Phenomizm and the SFX outshine the Revolution. The Revolution is good, but it it doesn’t have much that makes it stand out. It’s got rim-weight and the Solid-Spin axle, but beyond that the only reasons I would suggest you buy it is that it’s smaller than the other two and that it has a rounder shape.

The Phenomizm is built for speed. Compared to the other two, it feels heavier on the string, but much easier to swing around in fast combos. It’s stable and solid.

The SFX is very much like the Phenomizm(just look at those weight rings). However, it is larger and is better suited for a slower style of play. It’s stable and floaty.

These are based on what I remember from my experience with these yo-yos. I might be wrong with some aspects of how they feel on the string since I don’t have them on hand.

Wow, that’s cool you have a store near you where you can walk in and purchase high end yoyo’s. For me, I have to online order through YYE to get good stuff.

As far as reviews are concerned, have you tried altering your search terms a bit on a search engine?

Well, as for the summer, I go for China Hong Kong. And luckily I only have to wait 13 minutes on the train and then there’s a high end yoyo shop there. First time I ever saw a Leviathan2 and a Phenom, Phenomizm, Genesis in real life.

As to the OP, I definitely agree with JayVee.

Seems buying from YYE is a LOT cheaper than buying a ticket to China.

Of course, that’s where they make 90% of the stuff anyways!

I can’t make a recommendation. If I had to pick, something about the Phenomizm stands out to me. not sure if it’s the shape, the flatness of the cap or what, but that’s the one that sort of jumps out at me. The Revolution I just don’t care for the shape of. The SFX sort of reminds me of a hybrid between the other two,leaning towards the Phenomizm.

I’m just surprised you can’t find reviews of at least the Phenomizm.

Right now I want to get myself the Speeder 2. The way it looks just attracts me to it. But I have other items that are higher on the priority list. Who knows, something might get bumped or added…

The phenominizm is a great yoyo. I would also recommend the Speeder2. Both are great yoyos. The Speeder might be the more comfortable of the two - but the Phenomizm is a more capable yoyo.

If you have the luxury of trying them both out - I would do so and make my choice based on personal preference since both are quite good throws.

For what it’s worth, I like the bulge of the weight rings on the SFX. It adds a little more character than the Phenomizm. Phenomizm surprised me by feeling more heavy and solid than the SFX. Both are great.

The Phenomizm is a great yoyo. I think it is better than a SFX and a Revolution. The SR-71 also outplays both the SFX and the Revolution. Out those three, go with the Phenomizm.

Phenomizm :slight_smile: