SFX vs. Phenomizm?

Could someone please do like a comparison review on these yo yos? I’m having a real hard time choosing which one and would like to know how they compare, what you like and don’t like about each of them, etc.

Here’s a fact: the phenomizm has won a few contests, the SFX hasn’t. The phen. might be a little more expensive, but it is worth every penny.

winning contests doesn’t mean anything. takeshi won with a lyn fury. kimmitt won with a northstar.
I haven’t actually tried a sfx, but I know the phenomizm is an amazing player. with a price difference of over 20 bucks, I’d assume the phenomizm is a bit better.

Thanks for the help! I think I’ll probably go with the Phenomizm but i’ll try both today just to be sure.

Both are fine yoyos. It’s all about preference.

Winning contests shouldn’t be a merit to how good a yoyo is. The fact is that any yoyo can win a contest. If someone wanted to work at it long enough, they could win worlds on an imperial

Price isn’t really a problem and if they have won contests that’s great but i don’t mind either way.

I played with the phenomizm and it was pure awesomeness. Out of all the yoyos that i have owned and tried, it was probably the best. I loved it but didnt have the money to buy it. :frowning: So if you want a cheap option i would go with the SFX (I havent tried it out but it got a great review on yoyoskills.com) but if you can save up then go for the phenomizm (Got a better review on yoyoskills.com) Thats my advice. Hope it helped.